Fishing Report
  Sandpiper Charters are operated from May through September, ensuring the optimum opportunity to tap into the best fishing on Lake Michigan.
  Here is a breakdown by month on the types of fish you will most likely catch:
  Trophy Lake Trout are obtainable.
Brown Trout are available in shallow water.
Salmon and Steelhead are also common.
June through July
  Trout and Salmon varieties are common.
King Salmon can top 30 pounds or more.
Best two months for excellent Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout.
  Chinook Salmon at peak size and activity.
Brown Trout and Steelhead are popular.
A perfect family trip before school starts.
  Spawning Chinook Salmon enter streams.
Trophy Chinook available in shallow water.
Steelhead and Trout caught in deep water.
Guided Goose hunts are also available, adding to the outdoor experience.
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